In Italy the SEA Directive has been transposed into a national law (Legislative Decree 03/04/2006, no. 152 "Environmental Code") governing environmental matters on national level. Into Italian law, each region has adopted their own regulations for obligation of conducting SEA.

Nowadays, the "Environmental Code" has been modified and updated two times: by the d. lgs 16 January 2008, n. 4 ("Ulteriori disposizioni correttive ed integrative del decreto legislativo 3 aprile 2006, n.152, recante norme in materia ambientale") and by the d. lgs. 29 June 2010, n. 128 ("Modifiche ed integrazioni al decreto legislativo 3 aprile 2006, n. 152, recante norme in materia ambientale, a norma dell'articolo 12 della legge 18 giugno 2009, n. 69").

Currently, the part II of the d. lgs. 152/2006 offers a general legislative framework on environmental assessments which includes the national reference on EIA, SEA and IPPC. The part II of the d. lgs. 152/2006 is completed by several annexes, which define, for example, criteria for SEA screening phase of plans and programs (ANNEX I),  the contents of the SEA environmental report (ANNEX VI)